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  • A Real – Band of Brothers

    (CBS News) As America prepares to mark Veterans Day tomorrow, we call your attention to a real-life “Band of Brothers.” David Martin tells us, despite the wounds they bear from battle, they are determined to make their voices heard: Click here to view the story about MusiCorps – a band of wounded warrior brothers who […]

  • Think Lean – The Always Efficient Market Leaders Do

    Once again, Apple has reduced the cost of their ever popular iPad. Do you ever wonder how they do that? It’s really simple, Apple thinks about both sides of the equation. While many think growth and revenue, Apple is also very focused on the other end of the equation as well – cost and efficiency.  […]

  • Information Assurance – Is Your Company Data Secure?

    So the NSA has been successful tapping into other countries data for some time now. Is that really a surprise to anyone? I hope not. Everyone knows the importance of information assurance / cyber security. Our allies certainly know – they have been working with us for years on it! To get the details of […]

Expanded Service Offering

Smith, Harney & Daly LLC – is a professional services firm providing customized business solutions from strategy and leadership development through execution of special projects for our client firms. We support the offices of the President, COO, CMO and CIO, utilizing a customized blend of interim executives, operations, technology and marketing project assistance in addition to our core executive search practice.

In addition to the above services, perhaps our favorite contribution to a company is through the recruitment of proven leaders to bolster / “Muscle build” their company’s leadership core. Tom Daly, our Managing Partner, couples his background as a career military officer with his 14 years of direct business experience thereby effectively integrating these proven leaders from the military with career enhancing business opportunities for highly skilled military veterans. This “Leadership Solution” not only addresses the performance and motivation of a companies work force (as well as it’s bottom line) but this solution also directly improves a company’s long term leadership succession plan, thereby creating a long term solution that goes well beyond your typical recruiting solution.

For more information on how Smith Harney and Daly can assist your firm, please call us at 813-938-740 or email to schedule a free consultation.

More about Smith Harney and Daly. Whether Air force or the Air Force Academy or Air Force Reserves or the Air National Guard, we will find the best the Air Force has to offer. If it’s Army, West Point or the Army reserves or Army National Guard Smith Harney and Daly will find the best the Army has to offer. If it’s Marine, Navy, Marine Corps, or Marine reserve or the Marine Corps reserve we will find the best available. If it’s Navy, the Naval Academy, being on a Ship or Ships or on a Submarine or a Navy ship or Navy ships, we will find the best available. The Navy Nuclear background is very powerful with its Navy Nuke Programs and Nuclear Engineer and Nuclear power capabilities. We will find the right person with the correct background. A Military leader is of many leaders with strong leadership skills from a very effective leadership development program. They might fly Planes or just Military planes or Jets or just Military jets. They might work with a Missile, Missile systems, or be from infantry, a ship, a jet, or other aircraft or Air National Guard. They will be goodWhen Army, Navy, Marine Corps Air Force or Coast Guard personnel transition, the need transitional employment services or employment agencies or one employment agency because the employment rate is so high they will work in transition from career military to a career military transition Job fair. Job fairs are a Jobsearch for Job opportunities where Search and Executive search Recruiter or Recruiters help recruit the recruiting process for Recruitment and Staffing Jobs or Government jobs.You can find a job or hot jobs or Job listings for Federal jobs for a Security position or Security jobs with a Security clearance or Security clearances or look for Security clearance jobs in IT or IT job IT jobs in security. IT companies need IT consulting and Information technology professionals for their Information technologies and Information Security for their company Security and Network security for their Computer or Computers. Their computer network requires a Network engineer or Network design for proper Network defense. These network security Jobs and vacancies are for a job vacancy that requires a Job opening for hiring to take place. Hire a Top secret person with a Top secret clearance for Top secret clearance jobs or a Secret person with a Secret security clearance for Secret clearance jobs.That’s what we do at Smith Harney and Daly, LLC