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  • Proposal Writer & Content Developer

    Rapidly Growing Company Looks to Hire Successful Proposal Writer & Content Developer – send resume to Proposal Writer & Content Developer Overview: Prepares professional proposals by analyzing RFP requirements; matching services, capabilities and experience with those requirements; working with business development team to determine strongest approach to responding; gathering and formatting information from relevant […]

  • EVP of Business Development

    Smith, Harney and Daly is looking to assist an alliance partner in finding a new EVP of Business Development. This person’s new role will be to lead and oversee the development and growth of profitable new business lines and to develop and maintain key relationships with agencies, brands and other organizations. Our sister company wishes […]

  • Good Leadership = Growth and Prosperity

    Can you handle the truth? As a business owner, executive leader or a member of your organization’s senior management and if you were to take a look at your leadership team, would you say it’s in the top 10% when compared against all your competitors? If not, then why not? Are you and/or your organization […]

  • executive recruiting and interim management

    Need Executive Talent?

  • executive recruiters

    We Conduct Executive Recruiting

  • interim services

    Provide Interim Management

  • Future Marine VeteransIT recruiting

    Recruit Experienced Veterans

  • interim marketing executive

    Work Your Special Projects

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    Web Design & Marketing

Smith, Harney and Daly

Executive Recruitment


Executive Recruiters

Recruiting team
Executive Recruiter Service

Executive Search Recruiters

Let the Smith Harney & Daly search team be your Executive Recruiters. Our executive search recruitment process allows us to search and recruit top executives for clients who understand the importance search recruitment for superior talent.  In ongoing search recruitment efforts, we search for an executive that is looking to make a greater impact. Our search recruitment process finds the finest in executive talent so click here to learn more about our executive recruitment service.



Veteran Recruitment

Loyal Veteran Worker

Loyal & Dependable

Military Veteran Leadership

We enjoy working with companies who value the service America’s military veterans demonstrate and value what they have to offer. Learn how military veterans achieve corporate success -why our executive recruiters focus executive search recruitment process – click here to learn more.





Interim Management

Interim Executive Team

Executive Interim Service

Interim Management Service

Don’t need or can’t afford a full time executive? No problem, perhaps you can use our interim management solutions to work as an executive or manager? Our Interim Management Recruitment Service works in almost ALL INDUSTRIES and DISCIPLINES and our executive recruiters are excellent finding interim leaders to meet your short term needs. Click here to learn more about our Interim Management Solutions.



Developing Leaders

business consulting services

Building for the Future

“Leadership Development”

We have established a long history assisting companies in our search for strong junior leadership talent that have a broad background of leadership experience yet still early enough in their development to be trained in other disciplines and industries.  Learn more how our executive recruiters and executive search recruitment process can find your corporate leadership teams of the future.

Special Projects

Special Project Executive

“Hired Hand”

Executive Project Manager

Do you have a special project or a certain something that needs to be done outside your current executive team? Enlist our executive search recruitment to carry out those special projects that require special attention. Let executive recruiters find your “hired hand” for those special project needs you have. Learn more why our executive search recruitment process suits your executive project management need.





Web Design / Marketing

Web Design and marketing
Web Design & Online Lead Gen

 Lead Generation

All businesses need leads to grow and prosper and that’s why we offer digital marketing services that provide Online Lead Generation for Small and Medium Sized Businesses.  It is imperative that companies effectively take advantage of Mobile Marketing in today’s Mobile Revolution. Google Maps has 150 million mobile users so Mobile Marketing and a strong Social media presence is a must for any business! Call us to learn how we can help!


* * * Smith Harney and Daly is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) headquartered in Tampa, Fl. Made up of highly skilled Executive Search Recruiters and experienced executives across multiple business disciplines, we specialize in executive recruitment for companies of all sizes to overcome challenges and accelerate their performance. We also have a strong penchant for helping military veterans and other candidates find work through our executive search recruitment process, web based, online, job bank and executive search recruitment service. To learn more, contact us now * * *

More about Smith Harney and Daly. Whether Air force or the Air Force Academy or Air Force Reserves or the Air National Guard, we will find the best the Air Force has to offer. If it’s Army, West Point or the Army reserves or Army National Guard Smith Harney and Daly will find the best the Army has to offer. If it’s Marine, Navy, Marine Corps, or Marine reserve or the Marine Corps reserve we will find the best available. If it’s Navy, the Naval Academy, being on a Ship or Ships or on a Submarine or a Navy ship or Navy ships, we will find the best available. The Navy Nuclear background is very powerful with its Navy Nuke Programs and Nuclear Engineer and Nuclear power capabilities. We will find the right person with the correct background. A Military leader is of many leaders with strong leadership skills from a very effective leadership development program. They might fly Planes or just Military planes or Jets or just Military jets. They might work with a Missile, Missile systems, or be from infantry, a ship, a jet, or other aircraft or Air National Guard. They will be goodWhen Army, Navy, Marine Corps Air Force or Coast Guard personnel transition, the need transitional employment services or employment agencies or one employment agency because the employment rate is so high they will work in transition from career military to a career military transition Job fair. Job fairs are a Jobsearch for Job opportunities where Search and Executive search Recruiter or Recruiters help recruit the recruiting process for Recruitment and Staffing Jobs or Government jobs.You can find a job or hot jobs or Job listings for Federal jobs for a Security position or Security jobs with a Security clearance or Security clearances or look for Security clearance jobs in IT or IT job IT jobs in security. IT companies need IT consulting and Information technology professionals for their Information technologies and Information Security for their company Security and Network security for their Computer or Computers. Their computer network requires a Network engineer or Network design for proper Network defense. These network security Jobs and vacancies are for a job vacancy that requires a Job opening for hiring to take place. Hire a Top secret person with a Top secret clearance for Top secret clearance jobs or a Secret person with a Secret security clearance for Secret clearance jobs.That’s what we do at Smith Harney and Daly, LLC